COLLECTABLE AND USED MAGIC FOR SALE (NOS refers to new old stock, never used, mint)














Au-1     The Grand Appeal Auction, The Magic Circle, Catalogue No. 0461, 1999, 50 pages, 4 in color, very good,  $8  

Au-2     Swann, The Christian Fechner Collection Part 1, Oct. 2005, 162 pages, 56 pages in color, excellent, $15

Au-3     Random Treasures Auctions, The Joel Miller Collection, July 2005, 144 pages, all in color, very good, $12    



Ian Adair's 100 Magic Tricks, well illustrated and very colorful.  Hardbound with dust jacket.  Only $12.




















B-1    10 Magical After Dinner Tricks, Harlan Tarbell, no date, staple bound, very good $3.


B-2    12 Brand New Tricks, Eddie Joseph 1959, Supreme Magic, staple bound, $4.


B-3    23 Deceptions with a Changing Bag, Robbins, softbound, $1.


B-4    25 Years of Magic in the Desert, 1978 to 2002, Nick Saint-Erne, 2002, perfect bound, 

          a highly collectable book on the World Magic Seminar, $25.


B-5    50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip, Milbourne Christopher, 1948, third edition, Robbins,

          softbound, $2.


B-6    50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip, Milbourne Christopher, 1978, softbound, $1.


B-7    75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck, Al Stevenson, softbound, excellent, $2.


B-8    75 Tricks with a Svengali Deck, Al Stevenson, softbound, excellent, $2.


B-9    100 Magic Tricks, Ian Addair, Chartwell Books, hardback, dust jacket, excellent, $10.


B-10  100 More of Scarne's Magic Tricks, John Scarne, 1963, softbound, $2.


B-11  100% Magic---Lecture Notes---100% Pavel, SIGNED, softbound, $10


B-12  101 Best Magic Tricks, Guy Frederick, MCMLVI, Bell, hardback, very good, $5.


B-13  101 Magic Secrets, Will Dexter, 1958, Arco Publishing, hardback, dust jacket, mylar

          cover, $10.


B-14  101 Professional Card Tricks, John Fabjance, 1986, softbound, $3.


B-14  400 Tricks You Can Do, Howard Thurston, Blue Ribbon, 2 books in one, hardback,

          dust jacket, mylar cover, $10.


B-15  400 Tricks You Can Do, Howard Thurston, Garden City Books, 1948, New Revised

          Edition, pages browning, tears to dust jacket, hardbound, good, $8.


B-16  400 Tricks You Can Do, Howard Thurston, Blue Ribbon, 2 volumes in one, hardback,

          good, $8.


B-17  400 Tricks You Can Do, Howard Thurston, Garden City Books, 1948, New Revised

          Edition, hardback, dust jacket, very good, $12.


B-18  400 Tricks You Can Do, Howard Thurston, Garden City Books, 1948, New Revised

          Edition, hardback, dust jacket, very good, $10.


B-19  1967-68 Yearbook, Magic Inc., Karrell Fox cover, staple bound, $10


B-20  A Beginner's Book of Magic, Francis Rigney, 1964, Boy Scouts of American, 

          hardback, dust jacket, very good, $7.


B-21  Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks for Magicians, Stewart James, 1975, perfect

          bound, excellent, $5.


B-22  A History of Magic, Rony, Tower, MCML, Softbound, ex-library, fair, $2.


B-23  A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That, Ickle Pickle, Signed, softbound, $5.


B-24  Amazing Magic Show, P. J. Petersen, 1994, Simon & shuster, hardback, dust jacket,

          kid's book, excellent, $5.


B-25  Annemann's Practical Mental Effects, 1944, Max Holden, hardbound, mylar cover, 



B-26  *Abbott's Catalog, #6, Colon, MI., 1940, $12.


B-27  *Abbott's Catalog #15, Colon, MI., no  date, circa 1960, $8.


B-28  Annemann's Card Magic, Ted Annemann, crica 1977, perfect bound, Dover, 

          excellent, $.


B-29  Another Book, Karrell Fox, 1979, Supreme, hardbound, dust jacket, good, $25.


B-30  Another Lecture by Paul Diamond, signed on cover by Paul Diamond, no date,

          softbound, very good, $5.


More to come shortly (September 2008)












                                 B-9  Chinese (Mainland China)  Magic Book.  $10





B-19  Art of  Magic.  Beautiful Book.  $15   








Jane Thurston Portrait Photo.  $5




E-1  Jane Thurston portrait photograph, 8 x 10, black & white.  $5


E-2  Advertisement, September 1938, 14 x 9 3/4, There's real magic for you!  White Rock 

        water with a top hat and two rabbits coming out of it and a wand.  $7


E-3  Advertisement, vintage, Shell Research, 14 x 9 3/4, Beauty and the Bomb, shows magician 

        (looking like George Schindler) doing his act on stage with a large bomb hanging nearby.  $7 


E-4  2004 Blue Book of Magic, early prototype copy, corrections marked inside. 70 pages of        

        the final 100+ page book, comb bound.  Working copy.  Cover red/orange not blue.

        Used by editor.  $20  




Having trouble organizing your collectables, especially your ephemera?  Here is the answer to all of that.  ITOYA produces a quality presentation/display book that is archival safe, 100% acid free, durable, with crystal clear top loading pocket sheets.  These books come in a variety of sizes:


DPB-1    5" x 7",  24 sleeves with 48 views, this book is great for post cards, ticket stubs, autograph cards, etc.  $7


DPB-2    9" x 12", 24 sleeves with 48 views, letters, handbills, challenges, programs, etc., $12


DPB-3    11" x 14", 24 sleeves with 48 views, large articles, small posters, magazines, etc., $15




H-1    Book:  Houdini, A Pictorial Biography, Milbourne Christopher, hardback, dust jacket, very good. $15





L-1  Lecture Notes of Arnold Furst, Signed, $5.99

L-2  The Peter White Dove Lecture, Signed Peter White, $4  SOLD




M-1  MAD, NO. 182, April 1976, Alfred E. Newman in tux is pulling a rabbit out of a hat, who in-turn is pulling Alfred E. Newman out of a hat.  Upper right hand corner creased.  Some pages have bottom corner turned up.  Good condition.   $15  SOLD




P-1  Micky Hades, Gems of Magic, yellow background with red and black printing.  22" x     14".  From Egyptian Hall 

        Poster Collection.  Heavy paper.  Space for event date, etc.  circa 1950's.  $25


P-2  Siegfried & Roy, SIGNED 2002, Beyond Belief, Frontier, Las Vegas, 37 x 24.  $75




Various University of Texas football tickets for sale.  All games, forty yard line!  Missouri( $500 pair), Oklahoma State ($400 pair), and Texas A&M available ($500 pair).  All tickets are in section 104 and the next seats to section 105).  




T-20    NEW, Aesop's Ringer, The Art of Magic.  Spectator's ring vanishes and reappears in a clever twist on the classic race    

            of the Tortoise and the Hare.  $12

T-21    NEW, Magic Bouddha, J. P. Vallarino, three cups are selected and the Magic Bouddha is placed under any cup with

            the magician's back turned.  He then finds the correct cup with the Bouddha.  Close-Up mentalism.  $12

T-22    NEW, Jaw Dropper Sucker Illusion, DAB, INC., includes gimmicked cards, look it up on other web sites, then pay

            half the price here.  $8

T-23    NEW, Shinkansen, Phil Goldstein, wallet and gimmicked cards, $7

T-24    NEW, Hollow Hole, Marcelo Contento, selected card penetrates ribbon thread through cards, includes special Bicycle

            deck, ribbon, and instructions. $8

T-25    NEW, The MIKAME CARD STAND, 2000, hallmarked, original instructions & stand only.  Does not include invisible

            thread!  Used for a rising card.  $20

T-26    NEW, El Duco's Necklace Prediction, a nice close-up mentalism effect!  $16

T-27    NEW, That Darn Dime! A new shell game that uses a dime and two pennies.  There are three wooden boxes which are

            scrambled, but they can never find the dime!  $12

T-28    NEW, Gambler's Nightmare.  Five cards are shown, four aces and the ten of spades.  Good hand, yes, but in the wink

            of an eye the hand now shows a straight flush as you place the cards on the table one-at-a-time. $15

T-29    NEW, Canceled Casino Kaleidoscope Cards.  All of the backs seem different.  When the cards are selected, they

            match, even their backs.  By Daryl.  NOS, $4.

T-30    NEW, Easily Influenced!  By Daryl. Three cards change several times in value and color to match two selections.  In

            the end, the cards are cleanly shown to be All Mixed Up!  Includes gimmicked cards, NOS, $5

T-31    NEW, The Key Card!  By Daryl.  The magic "key" card positions itself to be located by spelling a spectator's name

            and counting to a mentally selected number!  NOS, $4

T-32    NEW, Dick Zimmerman's Ultissima Rising Cards.  HARD TO FIND, includes original box, card frame, deck of cards, and 

            instructions.  NOS, $17

T-33    NEW, The Card of a Different Color!  Four cards, one freely selected.  That card is the only one with a different color back.

            Has a killer surprise finish!  By Daryl.  NOS, $5.


T-1  Secret of the Sphinx, Magic Works, New Old Stock, never opened.  Electronic Talking!  The Sphinx tells you the secret card.         Effect:  The spectator picks a card.  All of the cards are placed into the Sphinx and the Sphinx tells you the selected card!  A nice    collectable from the mid 1990's.  $12


T-2  Petals Around the Rose.  An intriguing puzzle that can keep a group trying to figure the puzzle out for hours.  You receive a           

        carrying bag for your dice, five individual die of different colors, & a set of instructions.  $7 (see photo below)


T-3  Color Changing Backs.  Eight cards are shown of the same card.  When turned over, four backs are blue and four are red.  The

        next time the cards are turned over there is one less blue card and one more red card.  This continues until you are down to the

        final two cards which are tossed on the table.  $7


T-4  Jumbo Split Deck, bicycle, copy of original instructions available, very good  $15  (see photo below)




T-6 Brother John Hamman's Blushing Joker,  includes book & 4 cards.  I believe this is from 1958.  I have only skimmed the book and looked at the cards.  They have never been used.  One of the cards may require magician's wax, but the cards are fresh!  $10


T-7 Ali Bongo Growing Hat, original instructions by Bob Kline, 4 sizes, colors, & patterns, big climax, $7


T-8 The Original Bendix Bombshell Wallet, with original instructions, $100  SOLD


T-9 Center Tear by  Neil Foster, includes original Abbott's instructions, newspapers, in original envelope, $5 SOLD


T-10 Magic Pen Trick, the pen through bill trick, $5


T-11 Blades Link, by Petrick, 1982 original instructions, razor blades link.  NOS, $10 SALE PENDING


T-12 Fresh Fish, torn & restored paper.  Still in sack with Hollywood Magic price tag.  Never opened.  Original instructions. $4


T-13 Goof Ball, by Warren Stephens.  Supreme Magic July 1977.  A clever comedy effect.  The magician produces a red ball from a sack returning the ball to the sack.  He then produces a green ball, returns it to sack and produces the red ball again.  You guessed it, the magician is using two balls.  He then places the red ball back into the sack only to come out with the two balls, red and yellow.  The sack is empty.  Includes sack, balls, and original instructions and routine.  NOS. $12


T-14 Die of Destiny, by Marc DeSouza.  This effect deals with fate, destiny, a deck of bicycle cards, and a spotless die.  A selected card by one spectator is found by another by rolling the blank die.  Clever.  $8


T-15 Pen-A-Trating, by Ronjo, original box and instructions, original price $28.95, now $15


T-16 Jumbo Deck of ESP Cards, excellent Bicycle deck, red back, do you own mentalism.  $12 SELL PENDING


T-17 Simplex Card to Box by A. Tivoli.  Magic Dream.  Original instructions.  $6


T-18 Flik-Flik, Emerson & West, an old flick book similar to the coloring book, but with at least six changes, plastic case.  $10


T-19 The Ten Second Paper Tear, Patrick Page.  $6


JUMBO SPLIT DECK, $15                                                        PETALS AROUND THE ROSE $7 NEW!!!  SOLD, but have another available!

To order any of the above items from the store, please contact Ron Cartlidge,, to determine availability. Payments accepted by cashier's check, money  order, or paypal.  When sending payments, post to:  Ron Cartlidge, P. O. Box 40758,

Austin, Texas, 78704.  All shipments will be through the U.S. Postal Service at the lowest rate possible.  Usual orders include a $1 packing and handling fee.  Sets of books may include a price for a shipping box.  All books are sent media rate.  Although we try to update this site weekly, some items may have already been purchased.  Items from the above list are sometimes offered on eBay from Magicwizard1.  Stop by often, new items added all the time. Paypal accepted at