Aubrey Cartlidge, Ron's father, introduced magic to his son at a very early age. During business trips to Dallas, Mr. Cartlidge would stop by Douglas Magicland and purchase a trick or two to bring back to Paris, Texas where Ron grew up. Ron never forgot these tricks that his father showed him. He began to perform magic at University Jr. High School in Austin for his speech and drama classes and later at the University of Texas where he taught an education class how to read a marked deck of cards. He made an A in that class and gave up magic when he graduated from college and began to concentrate on his athletic career as a coach and teacher. During his career as a coach, Ron won championships at every school that he coached, winning championships in football, basketball, and track and as an assistant coach in girl's basketball in 1998-1999. Four championships in four sports in one year, a record in Austin, Texas. He also went undefeated in football for a three-year period from the middle of 1982 to the middle of 1985. While teaching, Ron was named Texas Secondary "Teacher of the Year" in 1983. During his career as an educator, Ron served eight years on the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Board including a term as Vice-President of the Board and three years on Austin's Environmental Board. He was also President of the Austin Jaycees & J.C.I. State Senate President, and was named to the Hall of Leadership in 2003 by the United States Jaycee Foundation.


Ron returned to magic in 1993 when he joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Ring 60 in Austin, Texas. He became very active in the "World's Largest One-Day Magic Auction" which was sponsored by the Ring for almost twenty-five years. It was during that time that he began to assemble his collection of magic. Since those early days, Ron has written five books on magic and served as President of Assembly 206, the Society of American Magicians, where his Assembly won two "Harry Houdini" awards during his two-year term as President. He is currently the Secretary of Ring 60, International Brotherhood of Magicians, a member of the Magic Collectors' Association, the Magic Circle of London, and is the immediate Past President of Assembly 206, the third largest chapter of the Society of American Magicians. He has performed shows for schools, churches, and business groups in the Austin area. He is also a highly requested speaker on the subject of "Houdini" and is consider one of the leading experts in that field. He maintains a large collection of magic books as well as magic memorabilia.

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